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Arrowood Farms

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Arrowood Farms first broke ground in the fall of 2013. We utilize all organic and natural practices in our operation. We grow seven different varieties of organic hops over an one acre. The Hopyard was built with local cedar that reaches 18 feet high and forms a trellis system for the hops to grow on.

We pasture a flock of Border Cheviots in the growing season to aid in fertilization of our pasture and Hopyard. The sheep also eat down the bottom foliage on the hops which opens up airflow and helps mitigate against pest and disease.

We raise heritage breed ducks for their eggs. Our team includes eleven breeds. They are raised on open pasture with a pond and they forage and swim as much as they like. We supplement their diet with an organic layer feed. We're also raising the Duclair Duck, a french breed specifically for meat production. The ducks produce a manure that is rich in nitrogen. We use this to make a compost for our nitrogen-loving hops. We also water the hops from the duck pond which becomes nutrient rich and high in nitrogen from the ducks.

On the farm, we raise honey bees. This year we started with 15 hives and managed to keep almost all of them.

In 2015, we built a new barn that houses our Brewery, Tasting Room and commercial kitchen. We received our Farm Brewery license this year and will be operational and open to the public in the spring of 2016.

All the spent grain from beer production will be fed to the pigs coming in the spring as well. We're building a smokehouse that will allow us to cure our own meats and produce bacon, prosciutto among others for the brewery and tasting room. Also, we planted ten acres of Danko Rye this fall to be harvested in the spring of 2016 and used in the brewery along with our hops to create a true Farm-Brewed craft beer.

Production Methods: Farmers Pledge, Organically Grown, Biodynamic

Products: All organic: Hops, Duck eggs, duck, honey, craft beer

Where to Find our Products: Brewery and tasting room to open in Spring 2016.

Arrowood Farms