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Helder-Herdwyck Farm

  • Helder-Herdwyck Farm

We are a Holistically Managed, small family farm producing pastured, sustainably grown heritage meats and eggs. We use the natural behaviors of our livestock to regenerate the soils of our farm, thereby creating a naturally balanced diversification of the eco-system, and producing nutritious and delicious unique meats which also cleans the air and improves our environment overall. Our animals are humanely raised, outdoors in the fresh air. We NEVER use hormones, steroids or antibiotics. When the time comes, we use a Certified Humane slaughter facility, and an Animal Welfare Approved facility.

Production Methods: Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised

Products: Grass fed eare breed Herdwick Lamb and mutton, wool, roving, yarns and hides. Heritage breed Hereford and Mulefoot Pork, year round. Fresh eggs, pastured 9 months in 2015. Pastured chicken and guinea hens. Guinea eggs when available.

Visiting Hours: By Appointment

Where to Find our Products: Farm stand to be arriving Spring of 2016. Otherwise, eggs are available in a cooler at our driveway or house, and meats by appointment. Sign up for delivery locations in Glenmont and Albany. Farmers Markets: Voorheesville Farmers Market

Wholesale Information: Order Minimum: Per animal for lamb & pork, 50 chickens or Guineas. Delivery Fee: Variable. Delivery Radius: 150 miles

Helder-Herdwyck Farm