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Fat of the Land Apothecary

  • Fat of the Land Apothecary

Our mission is to share and honor the wisdom, magic, and abundance of the land. Our path is one of stewardship and celebration. We seek to promote a cycle of health by nurturing the conviviality of all things. True holistic health is to nourish our bodies, minds, environment, and relationships. Fat of the Land is an extension of that thought.

By using only ethically wildcrafted and organically grown plants we are able to capture the potent medicine of the seasons. By packing all our products in glass amber bottles and recycled paper we aim to preserve the vital force of the plants while reducing waste.

Local Purveyors: The mountains, forests, and fields of the Hudson Valley.

Production Methods: Made using organic ingredients

Products: We make high quality herbal products, including tinctures, teas, syrups, electuaries, smoking blends, and skin care using 100% organic and/or ethically wildcrafted plants.

Where to Find our Products: Open 24/7 online.

Fat of the Land Apothecary