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Helsinki Hudson

  • Helsinki Hudson

The Restaurant at Helsinki Hudson carries on a 15-year tradition started at the wildly popular former location in Massachusetts - that is of creating a menu of creative homespun seasonally selected food in a welcoming and beautiful atmosphere. Executive Chef Hugh Horner takes his inspiration from the creative spirit of Helsinki, his love of the bountiful Hudson Valley, and his southern ancestry to create a Rustic New American cuisine with a knack for making the familiar extraordinary. From his roots in Georgia, the Carolinas and Louisiana, Chef Hugh, brings to the table his Low Country roots cuisine, with his years as an early pioneer in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn Food movement to Helsinki, and offers affordable comfort food like nothing else around.

Cuisine: Elevated Soul Food

Local Purveyors: Blue Star Farms-Stuyvesant, Liberty Farm-Ghent, Holmquest Farms-Hudson, Sky Farms-Millerton, Pigasso Farms-Copake, Morningstar Farms-Copake, Eger Brothers-Hudson, Ten Barn Farm-Ghent, Don Baker Farm-Livingston, Fix Brother Farm-Livingston, Kleins Kill Farm-Livingston

Helsinki Hudson