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Little Lady Flower Farm

  • Little Lady Flower Farm

I am a very small flower farm just finishing up my first year. I have 5 years precious growing and floral design experience. I grow everything I sell on my property practicing organic farming techniques. I sell fresh cut flowers in the summer months and dried flowers and flower wreaths in the fall and winter months. I have experience designing flowers for all sorts of events such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, business parties, etc.. Mostly I love flowers and I love plants.

Production Methods: Organically Grown

Products: Specialty cut flowers, annuals, perennials and herbs

Where to Find our Products: Farmers Markets, At the Farm. Retailers: Slat Hill Apple Farm Market (Slate Hill, NY)

Wholesale Information: Delivery Fee: Depends on location of delivery. Delivery Radius: 20 miles

Little Lady Flower Farm