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Miracle Springs Farm

  • Miracle Springs Farm

Miracle Springs Farm's mission is to regenerate the land by producing uncompromisingly delicious fresh and aged cheeses. We contribute to the local economy, to community health, and to the well-being of our ecosystem.

We run a small and mighty goat dairy. We've been passionate caretakers of this place since 2014 and firmly believe in regenerative farming.

Our cheese is delicious, nutrient rich, and thoughtfully produced. Healthy-happy soil and animals are a win-win all around. Masanobu Fukuoka wrote
"If you do not try to make food delicious, you will find that nature has made it so." And, we agree!

We love growing and tending our herd of goats and working with Rory Chase at Chaseholm Farm Creamery to make our cheeses. It means so much to us to be a steady part of one of the most important (and pleasurable) aspects of your life: FOOD!

Production Methods:
Organically Grown, Pasture-Raised

7 varieties of goat cheese:
Roe Jan Reserve - A raw goat's milk, hard cheese, aged over 60 days, with a nutty flavor profile and excellent balance of salt and acid.

Signal Rock Reserve - A semi-soft cheese with distinct floral notes and a smooth, salty finish, featuring a stunning line of ash made from charred beet leaves.

Fault Line - A Taleggio style, washed-rind, smear-ripened cheese.

Camembert - A beautiful bloomy rind camembert style cheese with a remarkable texture and a clean buttery flavor. (6 oz)

Simply Chevre Log - A hand-ladled fresh chevre with a texture that is smooth, creamy, and second to none. Superb earthy flavor with a slight tanginess. (5.5 oz)

Everything Chevre Log - A hand-ladled fresh chevre coated in toasted "Everything" organic spices - smooth and creamy on the inside, fun and flavorful on the outside. (5.5 oz)

Peppercorn Chevre - A hand-ladled fresh chevre coated in organic cracked tellicherry peppercorns with a texture that is smooth, creamy, and second to none. Superb earthy flavor with a slight tanginess that compliments the floral pepperiness. (5.5 oz)

Visiting Hours: 8am-5pm Monday - Friday

Where to Find our Products:
Miracle Springs Farm, Gallatin NY 518-851-2500
Pound Ridge Organics, Pound Ridge, NY, (914) 764-3006
Hawthorne Valley Farm, Ghent, NY, (518) 672-7500
The Model Organic Farm, Millerton, NY, (518) 789-4191
Cold Spring Cheese Shop, Cold Spring, NY, (845) 666-7373
Tannat Wine & Cheese, New York, NY
Marlow & Daughters, Brooklyn, NY, (718) 388-5700
Circle W, Palenville, NY, (518) 678-3250
Philmont Cooperative, Philmont, NY, (518) 672-7673
Random Harvest, Craryville, NY, (518) 325-9895
Millerton Mercantile, Millerton, NY
Taste of New York, Todd Hill, Lagrangeville, NY, (845) 849-0247
Copake General Store, Copake, NY, (518) 329-3663
Hillsdale Supermarket, Hillsdale, NY, (518) 325-4341

Wholesale Information:
Directly from farm - 518-851-2500 - 6 pieces minimum Farms to Table Martys Local

Miracle Springs Farm

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