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Missing D Farm / Jewel Tunis

  • Missing D Farm / Jewel Tunis

Our farm is on land that has been in my husbands family for 100 years. It had been a chicken/ vegetable farm but was fallow when we started the livestock farm in 1995. We wanted our kids to grow up connected to the land and with the knowledge of farming. Thru them, we expanded from horses and cows to raising and showing sheep, hogs and rabbits in 4H and at fairs. We eat what we raise so nothing gets sold to a customer that we wouldn't be happy with on our own plate! All of our hogs are on pasture until farrowing which happens in a stall not a crate. The sheep are outside , weather permitting but in barn at night due to the numerous predators. We try to keep lambs available as much as possible with a long lambing season, usually Nov. to April depending on when the ewes settle.

Production Methods: Animal Welfare Approved, Pasture-Raised

Products: We raise all natural lamb from birth to freezer ready, available live or custom processed and delivered. Also pigs from 6 weeks live to freezer ready or custom processed. We have show or breeding stock also for sale. Our chickens are free range so egg availability varies.

Visiting Hours: By appointment, please call to make sure we are not away at a show!

Where to Find our Products: On Farm

Wholesale Information: Lamb is available only as a half or whole side, delivery fee included in price with in an hour of Tivoli. Pork is the same tho as some times we do have individual packages for sale at the farm, currently Pork is available frozen.

Missing D Farm / Jewel Tunis