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The Grange, Restaurant & Local Market

  • The Grange, Restaurant & Local Market

We are a farm to table restaurant sourcing 90% of our products from local farms. Everything here is home-made, from the bread, right down to the ketchup, mayo and mustard. We do our best to leave the lightest foot print on the earth by using all biodegradable, renewable and eco friendly products. We whole heartily support our community and they support us.

Cuisine: Simple, get the best most flavorful local food right from the farm and serve it.

Local Purveyors: The Kitchen Garden (NOFA certified organic and I work there the days were closed), Scheuermann Farm & Green Houses, As fresh As it Gets (certified naturally grown), Bracco Farm (certified naturally grown), Hillery Farm, Pennings Orchard, Emmerich Greenhouses, Lowland Farm, Hudson Valley Cattle Company, Meiller Farm, Labella Farm, Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery, Kunka Brewery, Boylan Soda

The Grange, Restaurant & Local Market