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The Art of the Tart

  • The Art of the Tart

We make fresh, small-batch puff-pastry by hand and combine it with seasonal fruits and vegetables to produce first-quality tarts and hors d'oeuvres in the French style. We stint on nothing in the process.

I use prodigious amounts of an expensive European-style butter with an especially high butterfat content. My fruit and jam are bought carefully and are of the least adulterated quality.

Though I attend the Millbrook Farmers' Market every Saturday without fail during the season, I also happily accept special orders throughout the year; so think of us for your parties, luncheons, weddings and events. We're flexible and particularly fond of our customers.

One bite will tell you you're eating something special.

Local Purveyors: Most of my fruit and veg comes from farms and orchards around Columbia and Dutchess counties. My fruit and veg man, Mark Burdick -- who runs the farm stand, Big Rock, in Stanfordville (north-eastern Dutchess), buys for me. Each week a long circuit is made around the two counties to multiple farms. My flour is from King Arthur and my jams come from Sidehill Farm in Vermont. They make first-rate -- and few ingredient -- jams. My quince jam and jelly comes from a wonderful jammer I found -- Half-Pint -- in Esopus (Ulster County).

Production Methods: My production methods are pretty simple. I work out of my kitchen (I have a Home-Processors' Exemption granted by the NYS Dept. of Ag & Markets). My pastry assistant comes once a week to make the puff-pastry and to form the tart shells and I do two days of fabrication and baking and sell at market.

Products: Sweet and savory tarts with our own freshly-made puff-pastry.

Where to Find our Products: During the Millbrook Farmers' Market season I can be found there every Saturday without fail. It's best to either call or e-mail me during the winter season if you'd like to place an order.

The Art of the Tart