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Tonjes Farm Dairy

  • Tonjes Farm Dairy

Tonjes farm is a small 2nd & 3rd generation grass based dairy. Family members do everything from milking cows & animal care, harvesting hay, producing milk products & going to markets. We have been processing milk on the farm since 2002. We start everything with fresh morning milk, low temperature pasteurize so as not to destroy all the good qualities, then start. Products are made fresh each week with milk, culture, and perhaps salt if needed. There are no preservatives, additives or stabilizers.

Production Methods: Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised

Products: Yogurt - plain and flavored, Greek yogurt, Mozzarella, Buttermilk, Kefir, Ricotta, Fromage Blanc, Farmers Cheese, Whole Milk, Aged cheeses, Blue Cheese, Pasture-raised Veal

Where to Find our Products: Farmers Markets: Union Square Market (Saturdays). Retailers: Callicoon Farm Market (Callicoon), Pecks Grocery Stores (Sullivan County), Pennings Farm Market (Warwick), Slate Hill Orchards (Slate Hill). Online: www.wildkale.com , www.farmtopeople.com , www.farmigo.com

Wholesale Information: Order Minimum: $75. Delivery Fee: $15 in Sullivan County. Delivery Radius: 40 miles, depending

Tonjes Farm Dairy