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  • VIDA Farm

My aim is to build healthy soils and grow nourishing plants in the context of this ecosystem. I’ll be pursuing a blend of natural farming (Masanobu Fukuoka) and biodynamic agriculture (Rudolf Steiner), both of which are robust forms of holistic management, as well as experimenting with innovative production methods. There won’t be conventional nor organic pesticides used here! There's more info on the website.

Production Methods: Organically grown

Products: lettuce, tomatoes, kale, flowers, beans, squash, corn

Visiting Hours: Thurs-Sun: 9am-6pm

Where to Find our Products: Farm Store: Thurs-Sun: 9am-6pm, 282 Snyder Road, Ghent, NY

Wholesale Information: Minimum Order: $100. Delivery charge depends on proximity to the farm. Wholesale/Retail Orders: Call 617-329-9490 or jesse@VIDA.farm