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Vital Eats

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Vital Eats produces and distributes plant based, award winning, handcrafted sauces, condiments and snacks.

We have plant based jerky, superfood salsas, chickpea cheese dips and hot sauces galore!

Vital Eats unveils bold, dynamic flavors using only plant 
based ingredients.  All products are vegan, vegetarian, gluten
free, GMO free, dairy free, and 100% free from any artificial 
preservatives. Ingenuity and approachability are key when Vital
develops each new product, appealing to any type of diner. 

Vital’s products simply taste better and are healthier for you.
Vital is passionate about transparency in sourcing local
agriculture and supporting the regional culinary community
in a sustainable way.

Local Purveyors: farmers markets local farms Honest Weight Food Co-op Healthy Living Four Seasons Natural Foods restaurant depot Webstaurant Spices Unlimited

Production Methods: Hand blended, Hand crafted and hand packed sauces, condiments and snacks

Products: Zen Jerky - plant based jerky BBQ & Buffalo flavor Superfood Salsa - tastes like normal salsa but you get a dose of chia, flax, hemp, goji and açaí in every bite! So-Cheezy - a chickpea and vegetable based cheese dip/sauce Hot sauces - 8 varieties of fun diverse, flavors, heat levels and ethnically diverse hot sauces for full product descriptions: www.vitaleats.com

Visiting Hours: None

Where to Find our Products: Wegmans Market 32/Price Chopper Hannaford Shoprite Wholefoods Amazon Honest Weight Food Co-op Healthy Living Four Seasons Natural Food Store

Vital Eats