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Eleanor’s Best is a scrappy Hudson Valley company, located right across the Hudson River from West Point. We use the freshest ingredients to make jams and marmalade the way our grandmothers and great grandmothers made it – slow stirred in small batches. It’s the intense real deal of goodness.

Eleanor’s Best believes in products being locally made and sourced, when possible. We deliberately buy fruit and vegetables from family owned orchards and farms, including our own – Mercurio Farms. We use local and domestic ginger in our ginger jam. We also make and use some of our own pectin, using our farm’s apples. All of our GMO-free pectin is fruit – not grain – based.

All of Eleanor’s Best products are all natural, naturally vegan and gluten free.

You can easily pronounce and understand each of our ingredients, and there aren’t many of them. Our products are made from fruit or vegetables and sugar – nothing else. We do not use additives, dyes or fillers.

Eleanor’s Best also curates our packaging. We use jars from an historic US glass company. Our lids are from an historic US canning company. Our boxes are fully compostable. All of our packaging can be recycled and reused.

We stand over steaming pots of jam all the time. We don’t out source. We don’t co-pack, which is a fancy word for the commercialization of jam. We hand cut the hand picked fruits and vegetables that we use, we hand wash our fruit, we hand stir our products, and we hand pack everything. We also produce everything in small batches to control quality. That’s simply how we roll.

Giving Back

As part of the Philipstown community, Eleanor’s Best and Mercurio Farms donate to many local charities and organizations. We also support organizations that fight childhood hunger, support family farms, and promote the use of real and nourishing food.

Local Purveyors: Adams, Foodtown, Hannaford, Nature's Pantry, Whole Foods, Mrs. Green's, Todd Hill @ Taconic Taste NY.

Production Methods: We make everything in small batches by hand. We jar everything by hand, water bath everything by hand, label everything by hand. We source from regional NY/NJ fruit and vegetable farms: Examples include Mercurio Farms, Fishkill Farms, Wright's Farm, among many others CA & FL citrus groves. For sugar, we use Dominos. For pectin, we make our own using Mercurio Farms crab apples. We also buy from Pacific Pectin.

Products: • Bitter Orange Marmalade • Blackberry Jam • Blueberry Jam • Ginger Jam • Grape Jam • Grapefruit Marmalade • Hot Pepper Jam • Meyer Lemon Marmalade • Peach Jam • Quince Jam • Raspberry Jam • Strawberry Jam • Strawberry Rhubarb Jam • Sweet Onion Jam

Visiting Hours: Not generally open to the public.

Where to Find our Products: Many farm stores, creameries, cheese mongers, gourmet shops, butchers, and quality grocers. Farmers Market, Online, CSA, Wholesale, Retail/Grocery, Winter CSA, Restaurants.

Eleanor's Best