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Woven Stars Farm

  • Woven Stars Farm

At Woven Stars Farm, we are cultivating a sustainable food system in harmony with nature by incorporating principles of permaculture design to mimic a productive forest ecology.  We support a diversity of plant and animal species, creating a mutually beneficial environment that enables our farm ecosystem to thrive. We practice biodynamic agriculture to spiritually connect with our work. Through these practices we honor the plants, fungi, animals and the community around us. We believe having a diversity of plants and animals creates a sustainable and resilient farm system.

Our mission is to provide the local community with a viable food source using sustainable and carbon conscious farming techniques. These techniques, good animal management and land stewardship, build healthful soil, sequester carbon and create a model for our food system.

We grow and raise mushrooms, grass fed lamb and goat meat, honey, bee hives and pastured eggs

Production Methods: Biodynamic, Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised, Organically Grown

Products: We grow organic mushrooms using sustainable techniques that require low energy/fossil fuel inputs. We only use local, certified organic straw to grow our mushrooms. We raise grass-fed/grass-finished lamb and goat meat. We sell whole animals or retail cuts. Our animals are rotated using management intensive grazing to help build soil and sequester carbon. Our bees are raised using biodynamic practices and principals. We only raised our bees on our farm and surrounding Organic farms. We never use any treatments on our bees. Our eggs are pastured raised and only fed organic, local grain. We rotate our chickens using the same rotational practices as our other animals.

Visiting Hours: By Appointment

Where to Find our Products: Hawthorne Valley Farm Store, Sky View Farm CSA, Local Farmers Markets in the Hudson Valley, Berkshires and Connecticut.

Wholesale Information: We only currently wholesale mushrooms. On farm pick up and local delivery offered. Order minimum 15 lbs

Woven Stars Farm

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