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Located in the Catskill Mountain foothills, Quercus Cooperage is returning barrel making, once ubiquitous, back to the Hudson Valley. Using only air dried New York White Oak and traditional toasting and charring methods, our handmade barrels add a unique local terroir to our clients’ products. We also fabricate custom wooden tanks for traditional fermentation techniques. Through a mix of historical hand tools and modern machinery, Quercus delivers high quality barrels, tanks and specialty equipment for distilleries, breweries, and food producers.

Local Purveyors: We harvest our wood from New York forests, season and mill the oak in-house, and hand make each barrel from start to finish at our facility in High Falls.

Production Methods: We use traditional coopering techniques, with a combination of historical hand tools, modern machinery (and some tools that we designed ourselves), and toast & char with our stave cutoffs.

Products: Whiskey Barrels for aging spirits Fermentation (washback) tanks for brewing beers, ciders, kombucha, as well as fermented foods Other equipment for the distilling and fermentation, such as: mash paddles & rakes, and tap handles Custom Services: laser engraving (wood, metal, glass, etc) design, fabrication, and installation of custom equipment for distilleries, breweries, and food fermenters.

Visiting Hours: By Appointment Only

Where to Find our Products: We sell directly to our customers. Please contact us with your order inquiry.

Quercus Cooperage

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