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A Winter Farmer’s Market

NEW PALTZ - A Farmer's Market in the dead of winter is the visual equivalent of the word "hope". Fresh picked Swiss chard, pea shoots so vibrant the color looks fake, and crisp mixed greens begging for a drop of apple cider vinegar – all act as reminders of spring's promise.

ARTISANAL CHEESES – Find Great Tastes at Your Local Markets

"This has just been the week from hell…; mud doesn't even begin to describe the wallows that we have here right now… It is just horrible. Add to that, my intern, who had committed to stay until Dec. 31, hurt her back last week and decided to depart yesterday with no notice. That leaves us a full person short with our summer markets poised to open. I am beyond pushed."

So reads an e-mail from Lynn Fleming, artisanal cheese maker at Lynnhaven Nubians in Pine Bush, NY.

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