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Blue Star Farm

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Great cooking starts with great ingredients, and great ingredients start with great soil. At Blue Star Farm we are aiming for nutrient-dense foods through sustainable farming practices that enrich the soil, protect our water supplies and offer people healthier food choices. Our crops are herbicide and pesticide-free. We use compost, natural rock minerals and mulches to fortify the soils, along with crop rotation and green manures.

We are Certified Naturally Grown. To be granted the CNG certification, farmers don’t use any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, or genetically modified organisms. Carrying out an inspection is an annual requirement of the CNG program and one we complete with Cornell Extension.

Production Methods: Organically Grown, Certified Naturally Grown

Products: micro greens, asian greens, lettuce mix, heads of lettuce, 5 varieties of kale, spinach, arugula, endive, watercress, radicchio, escarole, celeriac, leeks, onions, shallots, specialty onions, scallions, heirloom tomatoes, cheery and grape tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, hot peppers, sweet salad turnips, carrots, broccoli, broccolini, cauliflower, red, chioggia & gold beets, radish, daikon radish, garlic, herbs, winter squash, pumpkins, brussels sprouts, parsnips, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cabbage, kohlrabi, ground cherries, jicama, ginger, turmeric and more!

Where to Find our Products: Farmers Markets: Hudson Farmers Market (Saturdays 9am-1pm, May-Nov), Hudson Extended Market Season (Saturdays 10am-1pm, Dec and Mar-Apr). Retailers: Hawthorne Valley Farm Store (Ghent), Chatham Real Food Coop (Chatham)

Blue Star Farm