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Bad Seed Cider Co.

  • Bad Seed Cider Co.

It's the kind of idea you get after a few Drinks at the local pub. "Hey, let's start a cider company!" – and then forget about it the next day. But Albert and Devin two guys up in Highland New York actually followed through with it.

It didn't hurt that Albert was a 6th generation apple farmer and Devin enjoyed brewing and fermenting anything that sounded like it had promise to make a tasty beverage. But ever since the summer of 2011 when these Two childhood friends banded together with meager savings and a love of cider, they have been crafting, selling and talking everything Cider. It's their past time, their passion, their life. Since the beginning, they have always had a single minded goal to bring Hand crafted truly Dry Cider to the world.

We seek to advance the craft cider industry through mixing both old and new cider techniques and craft beer influences. Making ciders from 100% fresh pressed apples grown by us on a 6th generation family farm with no Alchemy used, after all this is cider not science. You wont find the endless list of chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and excuses on our label because we don't use them.

After our first few years, no matter what we did, we could not keep up with the demands of our cider. So we built a bigger and better cider house complete with big shinny tanks and a Tap room all so we can now invite you to our house and show you how cider should be.

Local Purveyors: Our family farm Wilklow Orchards

Production Methods: We use only fruit grown by us or local Hudson Valley farmers to create ciders that represent the terroir of the Hudson River Valley.

Products: We produce both traditional European styles as well as styles all our own.

Tasting Room: Yes

Visiting Hours: Sept 1-Dec 20: Saturdays (12-7pm), Sundays (12-6pm). Apr 1- Aug 30: Saturdays (closed), Sundays (12-6pm).

Bad Seed Cider Co.