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Elihu Farm

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At Elihu Farm, we've been passionate about pasture since 1986. We farm 150 scenic acres in southern Washington County, New York, produce healthy lambs and eggs all year round; increasing duckling supply now, and are planning for geese again. Our sheep have won many awards, as have our fleeces, which are spectacular for hand spinning.

Our sustainable husbandry yields healthful meat, with wonderful flavor and texture. Our freshest eggs have colorful yolks, thick whites, and excellent flavor. Ducks and geese are delish. Elihu Farm will be protected “Farmland Forever”, by easement to the Agricultural Stewardship Association. Our marsh is permanently in the Federal Wetlands Reserve.

Production Methods: Pasture-raised

Products: Pasture raised lamb, whole carcass or cuts, USDA inspected. Mutton, ground and sausage, USDA inspected. Eggs, pastured for 3 seasons; free range in winter. Ducklings and geese, whole.

Visiting Hours: By Appointment

Where to Find our Products: Farmers Markets: Saratoga Retail: Saratoga Apple, Schuylerville (Eggs) Four Seasons Natural Foods, Saratoga Springs (Eggs) Restaurants: Mouzon House, Saratoga Springs 15 Church, Saratoga Springs

Wholesale Information: Please inquire

Elihu Farm