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5 Spoke Creamery

  • 5 Spoke Creamery

5 Spoke Creamery is an integrated dairy operation, utilizing sustainable agriculture practices to tend to our herd of grass-fed Ayrshire cows, whose milk is then turned into our critically acclaimed raw milk cheeses. In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, 5 Spoke Creamery is 100% solar powered.

Production Methods: Grass-Fed, 100% Solar Powered

Products: We produce raw milk cheeses from the raw milk of our grass-fed cows. We store our cheeses in our below ground cave.

Where to Find our Products: We do not have a farm stand but we will accommodate those who contact us and want to visit the farm and purchase directly. Retailers: Adams Fairacre Farms, ShopRite, Whole Foods, Fairway, Zabar's, Pennings Market (Warwick), Slate Hill Farm Market (Slate Hill), Globecki Farm

5 Spoke Creamery