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Grazin' Acres Farm

  • Grazin' Acres Farm

All our animals are rotationally grazed. We do not use antibiotics or hormones. We do not feed any animal by-products. All of our animals are cared for humanely by us. We are Animal a Welfare Approved.

Production Methods: Animal Welfare Approved, Grass-Fed

Products: We raise grass-fed beef and lamb and pastured, Heritage pork. We also raise Heritage, non-GMO chicken on pasture. We sell non-GMO, pastured eggs.

Where to Find our Products: Farmers Markets: Glens Falls Farmers Market. Retailers: Adirondack Natural Foods (South Glens Falls), Cambridge Food Co-op (Cambridge), Glens Falls Food Co-op (Glens Falls), Smiths Orchard Pies and Bake Shop (Ballston Spa)

Grazin' Acres Farm