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Mercurio Farms

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Mercurio Farms is our family owned and run farm near the Appalachian Trail in New York State. We are proud to be part of New York State’s agricultural district.

While we did not grow up on farms, we are enjoying our journey to heal this land and create a homestead and working farm to be proud of. Every month brings new adventures and projects to wear us out and restore the vitality of the land.

We sell farm products produced on our farm, such as:

* Free range, pastured, organic feed happy hen chicken eggs;
* Raw wildflower honey;
* Beeswax hand and lip salves;
* Pure maple syrup;
* Orchard fruits and vegetables; and
* Wool roving and yarn processed from our Jacob sheep.

Mercurio Farms is also home to Eleanor’s Best artisanal small batch, hand stirred jams and marmalade.

To learn more about Mercurio Farms, or to get on the waiting list to purchase any of the products produced on our farm, please email info@mercuriofarms.com or check us out on Facebook.

Production Methods: We raise/harvest/process/sell free range, pastured, organic feed happy hen chicken eggs; raw wildflower honey; beeswax hand and lip salves; beeswax cloths; pure maple syrup; maple syrup candy; wool roving and hand spun yarn. We also sell our line of Eleanor's Best small batch jams and marmalade, which we source from our farm and other small family farms around the region.

Products: Eggs, Maple Syrup, Honey, Wool/Fiber, Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit

Visiting Hours: Call for times, as they change throughout the year.

Where to Find our Products: Todd Hill Taste NY, Todd Hill Taste NY farmers market, Adam's Fairacre Markets, Foodtown, Nature's Pantry, Hannaford, Mrs. Green's, Whole Foods Market, Many gourmet and farm stores, butchers, cheese mongers, and creameries, Online at www.eatlocalny.com and our online store at www.eleanorsbest.com. CSA, On Farm, Online, Retail/Grocery, Farm Stand, Farmers Market, Wholesale, Winter CSA, Restaurants

Wholesale Information: We sell our jams, marmalade, and maple syrup wholesale. With our jams and marmalade, we deliver everywhere in the country. We deliver our maple syrup regionally.

Mercurio Farms