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Kezialain Farm

  • Kezialain Farm

We sell beef that is certified organic and certified 100% grass fed from cattle born and raised on our family farm. Their diet is their mother's milk, grass and hay with organic minerals such as kelp. They never eat grain; we use no harmful pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers on them or the soil.

An all-grass, diet is healthier for cattle, the planet and people who eat is. Not only does grass-fed meat have better beef flavor, it is naturally lean. It has significantly less fat, and a higher proportion of healthy Omega 3 fats and other important nutrients.

Raising cattle is also the best way to keep the soil fertile and healthy and to make our farm sustainable; the fields provide food for the cattle and they fertilize the fields. We believe It is the best way to care for the land that has supported our family for over 200 years.

Production Methods: Certified Organic, Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised

Products: We sell our beef in bulk at our farm - as sides, quarters and eighths, and as 20 pound-variety packs. The meat is dry-aged 10 to 15 days, processed into individual cuts, labeled, vacuum packed and frozen at a small, family-run organic, USDA slaughterhouse. We have meat from late-summer through the end of the year. Almost all is ordered in advance; we don't usually have any on hand. We encourage people to order well in advance so we can have it when you would like it.

Visiting Hours: By Appointment

Where to Find our Products: Meat is ordered in advance and picked up by appointment at the farm.

Kezialain Farm