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Lowland Farm

  • Lowland Farm

Meats from Lowland Farm have the full flavor and healthfulness of beef raised exclusively on grass and of pork raised on feed and the fruits of their foraging in open pasture and forest. Lowland Farm’s cows, mixed breeds of Devon, Angus and British Whites, graze on a holistic rotational system maximizing health of the soil and the animals. Pigs are heritage breeds best adapted to free-range living. Animals live according to their natural instincts for roaming, grazing, and foraging. All meat products are free of antibiotics and growth-producing hormones.

Production Methods: Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised

Products: All standard cuts of beef and pork, frozen in durable packaging

Visiting Hours: Contact Us

Where to Find our Products: Farm Stand: Our Lowland Farm Store is open on Saturdays from 10am-3pm. Retail: Pennings Farm Market (Warwick), Soons Orchard (New Hampton), Harvest Moon Health & Nutrition (New Milford), Greenwood Lake Garden Center (Greenwood Lake), Late Bloomer Farm Market (Slate Hill). Retaurants: The Grange, Warwick

Wholesale Information: Contact us for wholesale information

Lowland Farm