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Roscoe Beer Co

  • Roscoe Beer Co

The former firehouse turned brewery has been totally transformed from the initial 400 square foot tasting room to a sprawling 1,600 square foot tasting room, bar, brewery, lounge and gift shop open to the public 7 days a week!

Local Purveyors: Local Hops

Products: Trout Town American Amber Ale Trout Town Brown Ale Trout Town Rainbow Red Trout Town Eagle IPA Trout Town Whitetail Pale Ale

Tasting Room: Yes

Visiting Hours: Sunday 12pm-7pm, Monday 12pm-6pm, Tuesday 12pm-6pm, Wednesday 12pm-6pm, Thursday - Saturday 12pm-7pm

Where to Find our Products: http://roscoebeercompany.com/locate-trout-town/

Roscoe Beer Co