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Beth's Farm Kitchen

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Beth’s Farm Kitchen was founded in 1981 and built on a basic theme: make jams and chutneys from locally grown fruits and vegetables. Our handcrafted jams, chutneys, and sauces are produced in small batches with Hudson Valley grown produce.

All local, all the time, from the beginning. It was a concept ahead of the curve but now it is right on target as the national and international trends towards sustainable agriculture and slow foods continue to build. We started with Strawberry Jam and have developed over 90 flavors. Beth’s Farm Kitchen makes more than 60,000 jars annually and purchases more than 29,000 pounds of local produce per year.

Today, Beth’s Farm Kitchen products are sold in the NYC Greenmarkets, online, through the BFK catalog, at many local shops, and farm stands in Columbia County. Beth’s Farm Kitchen products are also served at many restaurants in NYC and used as an ingredient by several leading bakeries and other specialty food producers.

Local Purveyors: Beth's Farm Kitchen purchases our produce from several local farms including: Samascott Orchards - Kinderhook NY (Strawberries, apples), Yonder Farms - Valatie NY (Raspberries), Blue Star Farm - Stuyvesant NY (Hot peppers, sweet peppers), Fantasy Fruit Farm - Afton NY (Bluebberies), Love Apple Farm - Ghent NY (Plums), Red Jacket Orchards - Geneva NY (Concord grapes)

Production Methods: BFK is known for small batch production: we hand-stir and hand-pour every jar. High quality and locally sourced fruit create intensely flavored products. Gluten Free.

Products: Jams, chutneys, and sauces.

Where to Find our Products: Online: bethsfarmkitchen.com. Farmers Markets: Union Square Greenmarket in NYC on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. We are at the Columbia University Greenmarket on Thursdays and Sundays. Our products are sold in the at the following retail locations: The Berry Farm (Chatham NY), Berry Patch (Stephentown NY), Café Le Perche, (Hudson NY), Catskill Country Store (Catskill NY), Cheese Louise (Kingston NY), FDR Presidential Museum Store (Hyde Park NY), Hawthorne Valley Farm Store (Ghent NY), Honest Weight Food Co-op (Albany NY), Hudson Valley Farm Hub (Hurley NY), Mama's Boy Market (Phoenicia NY), Migliorelli's Farm Stand (Rhinebeck NY, Redhook NY, Mt. Tremper), Our Daily Bread (Chatham NY), The Real Food Co-op (Chatham NY), Relish (Hudson NY), Samascott’s Garden Market (Kinderhook NY), Taste NY Market at Todd Hill (Lagrangeville NY), Whitecliff Vineyard (Gardiner NY), Whole Foods (Albany NY)

Beth's Farm Kitchen