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Hawthorne Valley Farm

  • Hawthorne Valley Farm

Hawthorne Valley Farm is a 500-acre Demeter-certified biodynamic farm. We are also certified organic and are Animal Welfare Approved. We strive to farm and garden in harmony with Nature and her rhythms. Our work is an ever-deepening dialogue and growing relationship with the living being that is Hawthorne Valley Farm. Our practices are aimed at increasing soil health and building soil fertility.This provides the basis for healthy and delicious food.

Production Methods: Certified Organic, Biodynamic, Animal Welfare Approved

Products: 40 varieties of vegetables, 4 flavors of yogurt (plain, maple, vanilla, strawberry and lemon), sauerkraut, raw milk, Quark, buttermilk, aged, raw milk, hard cheeses including Cheddar and Alpine; various soft cheeses including Bianca and Mayhill. We only use milk from our own herd of 60 dairy cows here at the farm, ensuring the milk to be of the freshest and highest quality. We have an on site bakery and the flours, grains, nuts, seeds, and fruits used in the bakery goods are all biodynamic or organically grown, and the wheat is milled daily to ensure freshness. All of our products are 100% certified organic and biodynamic.

Where to Find our Products: Farm Store: We have a full-line organic/natural foods and grocery store that will meet all of your household shopping needs. Open 7 days a week, 7:30am-7pm. Please visit our website for a comprehensive list of where to find out products: www.hawthornevalleyfarm.org/where-to-buy/

Hawthorne Valley Farm