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Suarez Family Brewery

  • Suarez Family Brewery

We're a mom and pop production brewery specializing in ales of mixed fermentation, unfiltered lagers, and other crispy little beers. Brewer owned and operated. Opening Livingston, NY // Summer 2016.

Local Purveyors: We feel fortunate to have a bounty of local producers in the surrounding towns - including some raw grain from Sparrowbush farm, fruit from various farm, and malt from Germantown Beer Farm.

Production Methods: We are a small team that believes that good beer takes time. We utilize the help of yeasts and microbes to make more magnificent flavors than we could ever do on our own.

Products: Ales of mixed fermentation, unfiltered lagers, and dry hopped pale ales and blonde beers.

Tasting Room: Yes

Visiting Hours: Opening Summer 2016

Where to Find our Products: We hope to sell to various restaurants throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City.

Suarez Family Brewery