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Talbott & Arding

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Talbott & Arding opened in December 2014. We have created a retail store that is a showcase for regional and imported cheeses, restaurant quality prepared food, and our own house made crackers and preserves made with grains, fruits and vegetables sourced from the Hudson Valley. We offer catering services as well as wholesale and mail order divisions.

Local Purveyors: Meat: Kinderhook Farm, Northwind Farm and Jacuterie. Produce: Letterbox Farm, Ironwood Farm, Sparrowbush Farm, Blue Star Farm, Hearty Roots Farm, Common Hands Farm, Montgomery Place Orchards, MX Morningstar Farm, Samascott Orchards. Cheese: Crick Creek Farm, 3 Corner Field Farm, Vulto Creamery, Chaseholm Farm, Sprout Creek Farm, Consider Bardwell Farm, Ruggles Creamery, Sugar House Creamery, Asgaard Farm, Meadowood Farms. Other: Wild Hive Farm, Ray Tousey, Starling Yards, Tierra Farm

Products: Regional and imported cheeses, restaurant quality prepared food, our house made crackers and preserves, local produce, dairy and shelf stable goods.

Talbott & Arding