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The Pumpkin Stand at Tiashoke Farm

  • The Pumpkin Stand at Tiashoke Farm

We are fourth generation dairy farmers by trade, but have a lot of fun growing and selling over 50 varieties of pumpkins, gourds and squash that we sell at our roadside stand. Our Pumpkin Stand is a perfect compliment to our dairy farm, allowing us the opportunity to interact with our neighbors and the public, while offering them a homegrown, local product that brings so much joy to everyone who stops by. The Pumpkin Stand also allows our children, the fifth generation, to be involved in the business, learn valuable lessons about growing a crop, customer service, dedication, work ethic and more, including the hardships of Mother Nature.

Products: We grow more than 6 acres and over 50 varieties of pumpkins, gourds, and squash, from large to small and everything in between. Some of our popular varieties include: pie (or sugar) pumpkins, birdhouse gourds, an assortment of white pumpkins, Cinderella and Jarrahdale pumpkins, along with New England Cheddars, Wolfs, Speckled Hounds, Musque de Provence and a plethora of carving pumpkins. We also sell corn stalks, hay bales and mums.

Visiting Hours: Open Daily, Labor Day through Halloween

Where to Find our Products: Farm Stand: Our farm stand is open seven days a week and is manned on the weekend. During the week, we leave a cash box that is checked regularly. We are located at 11822 NYS Route 40 in Easton, NY which is half way between Schaghticoke and Greenwich.

Wholesale Information: Minimum Order: One bin. Delivery Fee: Depends on distance and quantity

The Pumpkin Stand at Tiashoke Farm