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Tiashoke Beef

  • Tiashoke Beef

We are a fourth generation dairy farm with a love for cows - and a great steak! Several years ago, we expanded our dairy herd and introduced beef cows to the mix. Our beefers, as we call them affectionately, graze on local pastures in southern Washington and northern Rensselaer Counties. Our cattle are finished on homegrown forages, alongside our dairy cows, which has shown to reduce anxiety at the time of harvest. Our animals are never given growth hormones and we take pride in the fact that they are considered "all natural." Our beef is processed at a local USDA inspected facility and aged for ten days to ensure a tender and flavorful product that you are sure to enjoy.

Products: Homegrown Beef. We offer amazing ground beef and ground beef patties, as well as T-Bones, Porterhouses, Delmonicos, NY Strips, Tenderloins, Flank, Flat Iron and Sirloin Steaks, Roasts, Brisket, and Stew Beef. Other cuts of beef are available upon request.

Visiting Hours: By Appointment Only

Where to Find our Products: There are three ways to purchase our products: 1. Purchase a side of beef (or half a steer) 2. Buy a 40 lb box with a variety of beef cuts for a discounted price off retail 3. Visit one of our retail locations and purchase individual cuts of our homegrown beef that are frozen and offered in clear plastic cryovac packages. We offer beef for sale at our farm by appointment only. Retail Locations: Tiashoke Farm Stand (Easton), Moses Farm Stand (Eagle Bridge), Engels Farm Market (Brunswick)

Wholesale Information: Order Minimum: 40 lbs. Delivery Minimum: $350. Delivery Radius: 30 miles

Tiashoke Beef