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Victory View Vineyard

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Victory View Vineyard is a family-owned farm winery specializing in growing cold climate grapes and producing farm bottled wines. Our vineyard’s soils, southern exposure and temperate climate allow us to use sustainable methods to grow exceptional grapes from cultivars including Marquette, Maréchal Foch, Frontenac, Melody, LaCrosse, and La Crescent. We only use grapes we grow on our farm to craft our wines. We do NOT buy grapes, juice or wine from someplace else. We like to control the process to assure that quality wine goes into every bottle.

We blend a touch of local history with our grapes to craft a range of red and white estate wines. Visit us for wine tastings and learn about our hardy northern grapes and our award-winning wines.

Food and Beverage Trail Affiliations: Upper Hudson Valley Wine Trail and Adirondack Craft Beverage Trail

Production Methods: We use best management practices established by Cornell University's grape program for growing grapes and work in cooperation with Cornell Cooperative Extension to ensure we use sustainable methods. We manage wetlands and woodlots on our farm to enhance water quality and wildlife habitat. In our vineyard we use organically-graded weed control fabric under 90% of our vines and hand pull weeds, compost vineyard waste, and hand harvest our grapes. We use a customized, site-specific, limited-use spray program that minimizes use of fungicides, herbicides and insecticides to control pests in an integrated pest management program. We aggressively hand manage the vineyard canopy to optimize grape exposure to sunlight and promote air movement through the vineyard to create a micro-climate that minimizes fungal diseases. In the winery, we use renewable wood harvested from our farm to heat our winery and provide hot water. We recycle, and we are in the process of installing more energy efficient lighting. We use traditional wine-making methods for fermentation, clarification and aging our wine; these methods emphasize minimal intervention while highlighting the terroir of our vineyard and the quality fruit we grow.

Products: We produce wines made with French-American hybrid grapes - the only kind of grape that will grow in our Upper Hudson Valley climate. We opened our tasting room in August 2013, and we are gaining recognition for growing grapes and crafting the distinctive wines of our region. We make several styles of red and white wine. Rebellion, Revolution, Turning Point, and Independence are the creative names for our red wines made with our marquette grapes. We make Lafayette with our maréchal foch grapes. Our white wines, Fieldstone, Abigail, and Charlotte are made with our lacrosse and la crescent grapes. In 2016 we plan to add another red wine with our first-year frontenac grapes and a blend.

Tasting Room: Yes

Visiting Hours: Sat-Sun: 11am-5:30pm, April-December or by appointment

Where to Find our Products: Most of our wine is sold out of our tasting room. Our wines can be found at: Cheese + Café (Gardenworks Farms, Salem, NY), Argyle Brewing Company (Greenwich, NY), Battle Hill Brewing Company (Fort Ann, NY), Brown’s Brewing Company (Hoosick Falls, NY)

Victory View Vineyard