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Alma Roots Farm produces a large array of vegetables for our CSA, to see a full list go to the CSA page on our website . We practice low till, organic and sustainable farming methods at a human power scale, meaning little to no reliance or use of motors to get the job done. Our mission is to provide nutrient dense, delicious, hyper-local food to our community. 

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Farm products description:

Our growing methods Micro, Low Till, Low Impact, Beyond Organic, Sustainable.

Where to find our Products:

On premise:

Friday-Tuesday 24 hr self-serve

Farm Stand, Grocery or Retail:

The Farmstand is located on ​De Pew Rd, High Falls, NY.
​It is open all week, self-serve, exact change only.


$100 minimum, includes delivery fee within 12 miles of farm


The Spy

CSA Information:

Our CSA Model: “All You Can Eat” for the week
What does this mean? When you show up for CSA distribution all of the available veggies are laid out in their respective bins. You choose as much or as little of the current harvest, based upon your weekly needs.
Every week, the night before CSA pick up day, I send out an email that serves as a reminder but, more importantly, it contains a list of the veggies you will see at CSA distro the next day. This can be helpful for folks who meal plan as well as for those who don’t and especially for those who cannot make it to pick up that week.
Additionally, in the beginning and end of the season I sometimes have to put limits on certain items to make sure everyone gets their share, this will also be communicated in the weekly CSA email.

This CSA is 25 weeks long. We start the last Thursday in May and end the second Thursday in November. 5/30/24-11/14/24

Pick up day and time
Thursdays 4-6pm.
*If something comes up and you cannot make distribution, text or email me a list of veggies, including amounts, before 4pm that Thursday. I will put together a bin for you to pick up at the farmstand. Packaged bins must be picked up by the corresponding Sunday.

Alternative pick up option:
If you really want to be part of this CSA but cannot come to pick up day/time, you can pay an extra $50 for the season ($2/week) to have your share boxed and available for pick up at the farmstand Thursday evening through Sunday evening.

*Shares not picked up by Sunday evening will be added to the weekly food pantry donation.

Consistent with the “All You Can Eat” model we have a sliding scale “pay what you can” model. Meaning the price of each share is based on what you can afford and how much you eat in a week.

Pricing guideline:
Minimum - $450 for the season, $18/week.
Maximum - $700 for the season, $28/week.
Anything in between… acceptable and welcome.

So... Check your checkbook and your fridge. We operate on the honor system.
One of the reasons for this somewhat unique CSA model is that I work alone. I do not have the time to pre-package each share every week… also I do not want to. This way everyone gets what they need and the only additional effort this model requires is a little honesty…. and some math.
(Email or call me with any questions, my contact info is at the bottom of this document.)
Payment Plans:
All payment plans require a $100 deposit upon sign up.

In another effort to keep things affordable I also offer payment plans.

1: Entire remaining balance due at first pickup.
2: Remaining balance in two installments. First installment at first pickup, second installment halfway through the season.
3: Monthly: remaining balance broken into five equal payments due at the first CSA distro of each month.

The fourth option, for those with the means, is to send in the entire CSA season’s payment upon signing up for Alma Roots Farm 2024 CSA. Those who choose this option will receive an extra bunch of garlic at our first pick up of the season and my sincere gratitude.

Add ons:
This year there will also be some extra goods for purchase at CSA:

Whole chicken: freedom ranger breed, raised here on the farm $6/lb

Flowers: This year I am adding in some flowers amongst the vegetables. I will have cut flowers for make-your-own bouquets, brightening up the house and bringing a smile.

How to Sign up:
Email: [email protected]
Call (Maya): 914-420-7172

If emailing, include:
Your full name and contact info
Amount you are able to pay for the season
Payment plan of choice (1,2,3,4)
Mailed in deposit check for $100 made out to Alma Roots Farm or indicate that you would like to send your deposit via zelle and I will send you my zelle information.

If calling, LEAVE A DETAILED MESSAGE with your name and number and reason for calling and I will call you back as soon as I get your message.

For information on where to mail a check email [email protected]

Agreement between farmer and CSA member:

I, the farmer, agree to grow a variety of nutritionally dense and delicious vegetables to the best of my ability (and weather permitting), using organic, low-impact, sustainable methods and to have a substantial, seasonal variety of vegetables available each week during our 25 week season.

You, the consumer, agree to pay the amount you agreed upon for your share, to show up every week with your bags/boxes (or send me your list by 4pm on the day of distro), to select the amount of vegetables you will eat for the week, and to understand that the weather rules all and sometimes can cause results the farmer did not intend.

By signing up for this CSA and sending in your deposit, you understand and agree to the above.

Last, but certainly not least…

Share this information with your friends and get some pre- CSA goodies!
If your friend signs up for this CSA, and make sure they reference you, you get either a jar of homemade Alma Roots Farm canned tomato sauce or a bunch of garlic or a seedling plant of your choice (of what is available) before the start of CSA.

You can also find us at:

farm stand on the property

Business Structure:

Women Owned

Production Methods:

Organically Grown




Maya Kotsogiannis

[email protected]

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