Back to the Future Farm/ Ole' Mother Hubbert Dairy

Back to the Future Farm/ Ole' Mother Hubbert Dairy

We pledge to our customers and to our bovine beauties that we will NEVER use Hormones or Antibiotics. Our milk is NON-HOMOGENIZED which allows the cream to separate and rise to the top, providing you with a healthy product that tasted great just like the Ole' Fashion Way. Our milk is pasteurized at the least amount of time and temperature allowed by LAW. We heat our milk to 161 degrees for 15 seconds and cool quickly. We hand label and bottle each and every product right here on our farm. We don't purchase milk from any other farm nor do we ship milk off the farm to a creamery. Our girls are not a number here they are part of the family. Each and everyone has a name. Each and everyone are loved every single day.It's not about milk production; it's about bringing small farms back to life that can be sustainable and keeping it simple. Our Fresh Meat Chickens and Egg layers are pastured and free range. Thank you for your support of Local Agriculture. We hope you enjoy our product. And don't forget to shake well.

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Dairy, Eggs, Meat

Farm products description:

Creamline Grass-Fed Milk - Whole and Chocolate, Fresh Pastured Eggs, Yogurt, Chicken, Fresh Cheese, Cheese Curds, Grass Fed Beef, Turkey for the Holidays.

Where to find our Products:

On premise:


Farmers Market:

For a full list please check our website:

Farm Stand, Grocery or Retail:

The Farm Store, 240 Brown Rd, Westtown (Open 24/7 on the honor system)
Shoprite Supermarkets
JADS Farm Market - 267 NJ-23, Sussex, NJ 07461
Eataly - Flat Iron District, NYC
Eataly - World Trade Center, NYC


Call to discuss. Delivery Radius: Hudson Valley to NYC


Eleven Madison Park, located at 11 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, offering upscale American tasting menus from chef Daniel Humm, that focuses on seasonal, local ingredients.

Greecologies, located at 379 Broome Street, New York NY, serving the highest quality Greek products and authentic traditional Greek yogurt made fresh from grass fed cows.

Agern, located at 89 East 42nd, New York, NY, is a season-driven restaurant and bar, located at Grand Central Terminal, and has a menu that features farmed and wild ingredients from the New York State region exposed to time honored techniques, and flavors rooted in Nordic Cuisine.

Business Structure:

Family Owned

Production Methods:

Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised

Farm visiting hours:

  • By appointment




Rose Hubbert

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  • 240 Brown's Road
    Westtown, NY 10998
    United States