The Farm at Miller's Crossing

The Farm at Miller's Crossing

Katie & Chris came to farming from very different angles. Chris grew up on this farm and has a passion for managing all aspects of it. He comes at it from a very grounded and practical perspective and is thorough and complete in his long-term vision of how he would like to see the fields, woods, pastures, and waterways managed for production, recreation, and general ecosystem health. He grew up working on farms in the Hudson Valley and then went on to college in Vermont and studied Political science and Philosophy. Katie came to farming from having done a college thesis on Amish agriculture looking at how their religious worldview shaped their farming and lifestyle. During college she traveled and worked on organic farms in New Zealand and then graduated and was a farm intern on a Hudson Valley Farm for two seasons. She did not become an intern thinking that she would become a farmer, but soon realized that the philosophical appeal of “right livelihood” was important, but the small business economics as well as the active lifestyle that farming affords keep her fully engaged and inspired.

Food is another aspect that keeps Chris and Katie farming. Here in the Hudson Valley we are so fortunate to be able to eat very well, very locally and very seasonally. This is important and rare, especially in the face of the trend in the world to make available all produce at all times in various processed and unprocessed forms.

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Vegetables, Meat, Fruit, Maple Syrup

Farm products description:

Lettuce, tomatoes of all types, arugula, potatoes, onions, carrots, broccoli, kales, Asian Greens, cabbages, garlic, sweet corn, strawberries and more!

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On premise:

Open Daily 10:00am-6:00pm April 15-Thanksgiving

Farmers Market:

Hudson Farmers Market


We do a lot of wholesale business and we enjoy the volume that we do with that marketing. It allows our farm to be at a scale that helps us keep the entire farm in production and cover the overhead cost of the barns and buildings that have been here for so long. We have developed great relationships with the buyers of our various wholesale accounts and they too educate us as to their needs, which keep us constantly improving our business.

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More information can be found directly on our website here:

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Family Owned

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Certified Organic



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