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GO Mushrooms

GO Mushrooms is the sister company of Tivoli Mushrooms, a premier, state of the art, sustainable, mushroom farm in the Hudson River Valley. We are committed to bringing our years of expertise in cultivating mycelium to GO Mushrooms products. We use farm grown or sustainably harvested mushrooms in all of our products, making sure that we are extracting from the whole fruiting bodies only to yield the highest quality and quantity of bioavailable compounds. 

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More information about our products:

GO Mushrooms creates medicinal mushroom products to leverage nature’s superfood to help individuals heal their bodies on a deep cellular, energetic and emotional level, unlocking their fullest potential.

GO Mushroom tinctures are extracted using a UAE+ combined with soxhlet method. Using the fruiting bodies only, our methods are created to yield optimal results to extract as many bioavailable compounds from the mushrooms as possible.

Product ingredients come from:

Most of the mushrooms we use for our extractions are grown in Hillsdale, NY by our sister company, Tivoli Mushrooms. Mushrooms that are not grown by us are sustainably sourced within the USA.

Where to find our Products:

Farmers Market:

Hudson, Pleasantville, Great Barrington, Copake Hillsdale

Farm Stand, Grocery or Retail:

Greig Farms, Guido's Fresh Marketplace, BLISS Juice + Smoothie Bar


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