Poor Devil Pepper Co.

Poor Devil Pepper Co.

The Poor Devil Pepper Co. was started in 2014 by Jared Schwartz when a big idea of flavorful lacto fermented hot sauce struck him one day.

It all started as a spice experiment. It was a real test of patience with a 6-8 week fermenting period. The goal was to produce hot sauce that was thicker and more flavorful than anything else we'd ever tried; while utilizing the abundance of local farms we're surrounded by. We hit the nail on the head with our Green Gypsy. Thus Poor Devil Pepper Co came to be.

While Jared is working up new recipes in the kitchen, his partner and go to lady- Laura Webster is organizing orders, painting signs and getting the hot sauce into the hands of the people.

We at Poor Devil Pepper Co are on a mission to create flavorful and spicy sauces while also creating a product that is full of local, organic goodness.

Let us change what you think when you think hot sauce.

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Hot sauce

More information about our products:

Raw Lacto Fermented Hot Sauces

Product ingredients come from::

Hepworth Farms, Farm at Millers Crossing, Ironwood Farm, Hawthorne Valley Farm

Where to find our Products:

Farm Stand, Grocery or Retail:

Bimi's Cheese Shop (Chatham, NY), Campbell Cheese & Grocery (Brooklyn, NY), Chaseholm Farm Store (Pine Plains, NY), Circle W (Palenville, NY), Court Street Grocers (Brooklyn, NY), Fleischer's (Kingston and Brooklyn, NY), Hawthorne Valley Farm Store (Ghent, NY), The Heatonist (Brooklyn, NY), The Marbled Meat Shop (Cold Spring, NY), Otto's Market (Germantown, NY), Tivoli General (Tivoli, NY), Sawkill Farm Store (Red Hook, NY), Talbott & Arding (Hudson, NY), Willoughby General (Brooklyn, NY).



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