Silverbrook Manor

Silverbrook Manor

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of the Hudson Valley, Silverbrook Manor stands as a historic farm estate with a rich history since the 1700s. Silverbrook Manor seamlessly blends the timeless charm of the past with a forward-thinking, sustainable approach to agriculture. Today, Silverbrook Manor serves as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change, reimagining traditional farming methods while embracing innovation to pave the way for the next generation of farmers.

At the core of Silverbrook Manor's ethos lies a resolute mission to revive the agricultural heritage of bygone eras while embracing the boundless potential of modern innovation. Guided by a dedicated team of owners, artisan farmers, and land stewards, the farm breathes new life into age-old agricultural practices, with a particular focus on indigenous wisdom.

Rooted in its aspiration to become a model holistic farm, Silverbrook Manor wholeheartedly embraces education, innovation, and biodiversity restoration. Meticulous attention is given to every facet of cultivation, from plant and soil types to weather conditions, culinary and medicinal applications, nutritional significance, plant growth patterns, and the artistic finesse of the harvest. This unwavering commitment to sustainability and uncompromising quality is exemplified in the diverse range of products nurtured at Silverbrook Manor, including fresh eggs (foraged and grown), mushrooms, microgreens, medicinal plants, vegetables, flowers, spices, herbs, and wildcrafted teas.

Championing agroecology, permaculture principles and regenerative agriculture, Silverbrook Manor forges a profound symbiotic relationship with nature, drawing inspiration from the productivity and resilience observed in natural forests. Driven by a thirst for knowledge and biodiversity, the farm pioneers innovation by continuously analyzing plant and soil types, biomass, weather conditions, culinary, medicinal, and design applications, nutritional excellence, plant growth patterns, and the artistic finesse of the harvest. Through collaboration and the fusion of traditional wisdom with cutting-edge techniques, the farm pushes the boundaries of sustainable agriculture, allowing for the exploration of new frontiers and the development of groundbreaking practices.

Silverbrook Manor's transformative journey goes beyond its tranquil acres. It aspires to create a more sustainable and equitable food system, inviting others to join in this pursuit. 

Silverbrook Manor serves as a platform for the growth of innovative agricultural ventures and regenerative farmers. Send us a proposal, volunteer, or farm with us at Silverbrook Manor, where dreams can take root. 

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Silverbrook Manor


Vegetables, Eggs, Flowers, Herbs and Medicinals, Mushrooms, Soap and Skincare, Condiments and Seasonings, Coffee and Tea, farm adjacent, design/lifestyle goods

Products from Local Farms & Producers:

Private and artisan growers, BotanaRx curated products

Farm products description:

R&D around plant medicine, spices, teas, specialty mushrooms (wild and grown), rare Asian vegetables and flowers of botanical interest

More information about our products:

herbal teas, spice blends, culinary blends with specialty mushrooms (lions mane, turkey tails, reishi, etc.), fragrance, lotions, hand and body wash, candles, diffusers, healing elixirs (

More information about locally sourced products :

Teas, spices, veggies, Asian vegetables, herbs

Product ingredients come from:

Herbs and primary ingredients are from our farm estate. Others are expertly sourced and curated by Mindy Yang @GoDolceVita, our proprietress from her travels and vast network of artisan farm partners.

Where to find our Products:

Farm Stand, Grocery or Retail:

Various, Marona's Market,, Ruby Hill, etc.


$250 minimum for wholesale orders. Exceptions apply.

Trail additional information:

Hudson Valley

Trail participants:

In Progress

Reservations are required to visit the trail

Guided tours are available

Facility Description:

This 54-acre farm is a historic estate dating back to the 1700's. This property has been included in historic society presentations. Letters from a previous owner are featured in the FDR Museum (Hyde Park, NY).

Types of Events hosted:

Fundraiser events, private farm and R&D workshops, culinary and wellness educational events and demonstrations

Indoor Capacity:


Outdoor Capacity:

54 acres

Children under 12 are welcome

Cash and carry services are available

Food safety standards or certifications required from local farms:


Service area:

Hudson Valley + NYC

The minimum order required is:

$250/order for wholesale accounts

Partnerships with local farms:

Pick up and delivery as required

Special Events & Experiences:

Workshops and Classes, Educational gatherings, meals, and demonstrations with chefs and the proprietor (farmer & expert) in collaboration with the World Taste & Smell Association.

Business Structure:

Family Owned, Women Owned

Production Methods:

Organically Grown, Farmers Pledge, Pasture-Raised, NY State Grown & Certified, Bottle products are co-packed at FDA permitted facilities

Trail schedule:

By appointment: Thursday - Saturday 11:00 am to 2:00 pm (March to May)

Seasons open:


Open Hours:

  • By Appointment Only




Mindy Yang

[email protected]

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